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Frequently Asked Questions

I have participated in such tests before, what is the added value of Personalcolor?

Traditional human-directed tests make use of introspection (self-investigation) to form a personality-image. However, research shows that in more than 70% of the cases, the self-image does not correspond with the image others have of an individual. The Personalcolor instrument knows an unique mode of operation, in which your self-image is compared to how others see and experience you. In addition, a difference is made between your businesslike- and private environment.

Another unique characteristic of the Personalcolor instrument is that your style-flexibility is measured. Hereby is measured to what extent you are able to adapt yourself to a specific situation, which in turn determines the inter-personal effectivity.

The Personalcolor instrument could be compared to a picture of yourself. The traditional tests provide you with one picture at one specific moment. However, the Personalcolor instrument provides you with an entire album of yourself at different occasions and situations. Due to this, the results of the Personalcolor instrument contribute considerably to more added value and are applicable to numerous situations.

How does the Personalcolor instrument work?

Firstly, you will receive for our website an email-address with username and password. Once you have logged in, you can complete the questionnaire. At the same time you can ask acquaintances to fill in a questionnaire about you. These acquaintances, also named respondents, could be part of your businesslike- and private environment. Inviting the respondents to participate is very simple; you fill in the name and email-address of a respondent, and the PersonalColor system takes care of the rest independently. It is possible to keep up with which respondents have filled in the questions about you and which have not. The Personalcolor report, you will receive from the one you received an invitation from to make use of the instrument. A personality-profile is never ‘good’ or ‘bad’, or ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’. Each profile provides an accurate image and is therefore valuable.

How many respondents should I invite?

For an accurate image it is desirable to receive feedback from a minimum of 5 respondents for each relation-type (private, businesslike, or private as well as businesslike). In this way you will receive feedback from 15 respondents. The more respondents, the better. Only you decide who is invited to fill in the questionnaire.

Can you show me an example of a Personalcolor Personal Profile?

By clicking on this link, you are able to see an example of a Personalcolor Personal Profile.

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