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This is completely normal, for each individual it is tricky to say what characterizes himself. Also for the respondents this could be difficult. Choices are indeed often not obvious and require therefore sometimes (deep) thinking – and/or sensibility. Try as good as possible to come to a choice and try at the same time to not to think too long about the answer. Experience shows that the answer that passes your thoughts or feelings firstly, is usually right.  Remember that perfection with every question is not required in order to come to a good self-image. Also try to consult the definitions of the terms used, if you are unsure of the meaning of a term.

No. Filling in the questionnaire is completely anonymous.

First try to use the button remind. If this doesn’t work ask the respondent to go to: Password reminder at the bottom of log in page. Just to make sure, please first check whether the address is correct and try again. It still doesn’t work contact the respondent that you have invited.

Press: forgot password? at the bottom of the in log page, fill in your email address and you will receive an email with your password.

Press; Password reminder. Here you will receive your password, by which you could log in and fill in the questionnaire after all.

Press the button: Invite and fill in the data of the person you wish to invite. Write at the right side of the page a personal invitation.

No. That is not necessary. The respondents receive together with the invitation automatically their login information. Herewith the respondents can fill in the questionnaire.

You can change this with the help of the images: the little suitcase and the cup of tee. Is the respondent a businesslike contact, press on the suitcase that belongs to the respondent’s name. Is the respondent a personal contact press the cup of tee.

1) first, check Caps lock
2) go to Password reminder and try to login again
3) It still doesn’t work? Please contact us.

Invite this person again by using the correct email address. By formulating the final personality report the data of the respondents that haven’t filled in the questionnaire are not taken into consideration.

For a pure and accurate image it is desirable that you invite for each type of relation at least 5 respondents. In this way, you get presented a good image of how your environment experiences you.

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