What is Personalcolor?

Personalcolor is an innovative and highly effective instrument which enables creating an extensive personality-profile. The personality profile describes the characteristics and behavior of an individual.

Competences and personality-profile

The results that people obtain are dependent on the combination of the competence-areas knowledge (“know”), abilities (“be able”), motivation (“want”) and human-characteristics (“being”, “fitting” the particular individual). The human-characteristics influence to a large extent the other competence areas. They determine mostly how someone deals with knowledge, which abilities don’t fit or fit the individual a priori and which aspects motivate or do not motivate the individual. Therefore, the human characteristics are identified as the most important competence area. Specific tools exist to determine the personality profile of an individual. The personality profile describes the characteristics and behavior of an individual.


The current instruments available to compose a personality-profile are limited. In many cases the self image is “determined” by introspection. This is the formation of a self image by self investigation. Introspection means that an individual is capable to observe him selves objectively and accurately. However, based on research conducted by psychologist Bertram R. Forer it appears that this is incorrect and impossible.

Moreover, internal thoughts, feelings and intentions play a crucial role when attempting to answer questions about yourself. While someone else is not capable of  observing these internal motives. Others obviously only hear and see what others say and do.

To formulate an objective, accurate and pure image, Personalcolor makes use of respondents. In doing so, it becomes evident how others perceive and experience an individual.

Persoonlijkheidsprofiel Woerden

The chance that others see you as you see yourself is only 23%. This limits your development ánd success.

I want a complete view of myself

Businesslike/ private

Most personality instruments are quite general and do not differentiate between behavior within a businesslike- or a private environment. However, the behavior of individuals are dependent on the environment in which they find themselves. The case could be that an individual is recognized within the businesslike environment as ambitious and proactive, while within another environment he shows different behavior. In order to be able to formulate a complete and accurate image of an individual, the Personalcolor instrument makes use of respondents from the businesslike- as well as the private environment.


An unique characteristic of the Personalcolor instrument is that it can determine the style-flexibility of an individual. Style-flexibility measures to what extent an individual is able to adapt him selves to a particular situation. The style-flexibility highly determines the (inter)-personal effectivity and is thus essential for a personality-profile.


The Personalcolor instrument makes use of four ground colors; red, yellow, green and blue. Each color has its own, specific meaning. This leads to results which are easy to interpret and therefore convenient to use in daily life.

Summary of unique characteristics

Only the Personalcolor instrument:
1. works with respondents to form a highly accurate and correct image;
2. differentiates between a businesslike and a private environment;
3. investigates the style-flexibility (adapting-capability);
4. optimizes the practical usefulness by the use of colors;
5. continuously supports the individual development.

Therefore, the Personalcolor instrument is the most exquisite method for application areas such as personal development, recruitment and selection, culture analysis, team development, management development as well as training and coaching.

What do our customers say?

Eric de Groot, Project manager, KPN

Mary Lange, Global Vice President, SAP Presales Academy
Why does the SAP Presales Academy work with Personalcolor?
We incorporated the Personalcolor methodology into our curriculum to coach our Associates on how to interact and effectively communicate with diverse personalities and backgrounds. Our Associates share with us that they better understand what they need in their communications with others and why they need it as well as how to quickly determine what others need and how they like to be communicated with. Developing a skill set which allows them to quickly assess a communication opportunity and know the right way to approach conveying a message will take them far in their sales careers.

Wout van Hamburg, Programmamanager, Noord-Zuid lijn Amsterdam

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