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Personalcolor and the Controller partners/clients deem it of the utmost importance to carefully deal with your privacy and personal data. We explain in this Privacy Statement how Personalcolor deals with this and what your rights are.

Who processes this data?

Processor: Personalcolor Nederland BV, Chamber of Commerce 57221502,

For what purpose do we process your personal data?

Personalcolor offers services to provide people, teams and organisations more insight. Personalcolor provides these services for the Controller partners/clients. The Controller partners/clients must inform you regarding the purpose in your situation. Personalcolor uses the data we collect to operate our business and provide you the services we offer.

Which data do we process?

This concerns information provided by you to us, including personal data, such as name, email, address, gender, organisation and your actions in our applications (such as answering questionnaires). Questionnaires contain various types of information inter alia regarding your competencies and personality.

The right to access, transfer or rectification or removal of the personal data

You have the right to access, transfer or rectification or removal of the personal data. If you wish to make use of these rights you can address the Controller, or as the case may be

Use by third parties of personal data

Personalcolor does not provide personal data to third parties. Third parties are parties that are not required to ensure the correct creation of Personal profiles, Team profiles and Matching profiles. The controller must request your permission for sharing information with third parties, including their clients.

Duration of the saving of the data

The duration of the saving of your data has in principle no maximum to accommodate the Controller partners/clients deliver their products and services to their clients.


Cookies are placed for the technically proper functioning of the website. These do not collate any personal data, but serve for the technical functioning of the web applications.

Contact point for vulnerabilities​

Are you an expert and have you discovered any vulnerability in our systems? In that case please help us by reporting this vulnerability to In that manner we can together improve the security and reliability of our systems.

Miscellaneous rights

We would like to point out to you that you have the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. However, we would appreciate it if you first send your complaint to the Controller partner/client or Personalcolor:

May 18th, 2018